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Monday, March 10, 2008

shallow rain and snow last night, freezed in the

yesterday was a sunny day first, then darkened since the noon. but its warm when we couple went to public bathroom in the night. i had a good time with my baby son on game "panzer killer". he took it so serious that when the pc hanged in the mid when i manipulate the tank and fight after he failed to shoot moving targets for quite some time and frustrated by my complains, after i claimed that's all, he cried miserably. in the night after returned from bathroom i spent some time on pc and later his mother dozed and he talked to my with his questions for quite awhile. its so beautiful with him, with his so breautiful and soft and limber fingers and body. he is just so perfect! he never failed to appease his parents as well as people around him.

i kept working all the morning. my working unit, a cable tv branch of the manufacture company, long time rendered a dead team by me, this time had some crew rearrangement. the labor union chairman of the branch left and in consequence 3 women shift their job on the ladder. there r lots of opportunities among the control of China Communist Party, most of them never need a profession or expertise, just keeping worked like a dog to its man, that's all the philosophy of Communist Party.

this morning the road was covered with a low layer of frozen. the redden sunshine just received me when i got out of the residentail building. so fresh the day.

yesterday with the aid of my high school alumni now live in US i got my domain at http://be21zh.org/ and in the coming days i will likely spend more time on fine tuning it. with my own internet id i felt such a great thing to be in the cyberspace.

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