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Sunday, May 25, 2008

a peaceful sunny morning

yesterday was a busy day. in the morning and early afternoon i busy with registering mirror sites of warren's and mine sites or group we already had with google sites which recently launched open. dog of China surveillance blocked me and stolen 3 domain of warren, ie., warrentzh, wardzh and warwinzh, and i had to add suffix of 21, standing for 21 century, and finished them. then ema summon baby to visit hospital. baby miserably repeated he don't want injection. i just finished my work and felt painful on my right wrest, so i suggest i went to hospital to accompany baby. then we, including the grandma, launched. we took taxi arriving there. its a Chinese medical hospital and children treating occupied large portion of its operation. baby first was asked to open his mouth to pick sample from his throat to test if infected there for constant heat. baby cried and refused immediately. then ema asked me to buy some food for baby and i left. after i returned the sample was taken and soon the prescription was offered. i was assigned to paid and fetch medicine. then the grandma amd me let baby enema. a nurse called baby's name and started. baby cried not to accepted and the grandma forced baby to receive. baby enjoyed the potato chips i just bought and then we moved to a room crowd of sick babies and their parents to prepare for receiving injection.i had to co-use a bed with a very fat woman with her baby. the neighbor bed separating with an lane was sleeping a man with his sleeping baby. i sat beside the sleeping men and the grandma asd beside baby almost facing me. soon i want to urine and i left. then a bed near the door was emptied and we took. i found baby irregular and i guess someone in the environment threatening him. so i picked a chair and sat near baby and facing him. baby relaxed a little but the grandma sad aside with a leg facing me constant stolen my energy. i almost got outpour but she finally left and for a long time stay outside of the room. i on the chair wondering a lot, including my being brought to my hometown. the parents there in the room competed each other and lots of funs. i again know God's setting there and used hard my brain. ema later busy with chatting with baby who just want to leave before the injection treatment finished. baby bleed a litter after injection finished and we waited for bleeding stop and we took a taxi for home again.

from now on i know the grandma and the uncle stealing from me and my family. in the night on bed i almost can't sleep and felt baby's situation, ie., heat on body and sleeplessness. i reviewed God's calling me 4 times to fight with nothing less but the asylum and my mercy with baby and trying to protect him. i almost worry my sleeplessness again haunted me, but i finally slept and sound till late morning. ema in the mid before i fell into sleep interactived with me. i don't know who is my enemies and what i should defense. i don't know which is true about how i can let baby better and more meaningful for me as a father.

it all gone now, with this specular peaceful morning light, morning sunshine. its just too peace to miss a blog. so i stroke here in front of my pc, which likely less attractive since now, for i will spare some time to wonder the God's manifest around me and respond if necessary. God, pl let me in ur shine, no matter where and how its hard to reach.

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