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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

rain day

last night i slept sound, under God's mercy. the night before yesterday i sleepless, but finally slept after mid night. God's calling me and i want to keep alert but the over anxious preventing me sleep. i want live in sound and see God's set among people, His creature, in calm mood. in the last 4 times before fell into the trap of asylum, i acted upon adversity around my baby and my Royal correctly and dramatic changes in my behavior led me disaster ruin of my opposing the evil's shadow on me. i now my Royal stepping to the palace was unchangeable, and God choose us led China to belief and self-esteem, no one can change it, but i in the process to form it and i had been called by God to act for 4 times. now i m more or less familiar with God's message and shine on me and i shouldn't in a panic as usual. i m in uncomparable glad and should less repulsive to envies and ill wills. i only need to stay in peace with God's message and help heal others, the population of my empire.

its a gloomy day. rain likely launched last night. yesterday baby was held by the grandma alone to the hospital. i blamed ema to risk baby's happy mood, but she can't refuse her mother's suggestion. the evil old woman likely tried all her means to upset my baby and my baby asked to play outside just returning home from the hospital. till work time over he didn't return home. he looks in fatigue when i received at home and he asked for sleep immediately. but he didn't slept, instead he played with ema's pupils staying our home to be tutored. after all no one can move a single hair of him without our consent under God's guide. i love him so painfully, for i know he suffering the pains of growth as much as mine. God let all gone with wind, but immortal love just let me more painful.

its a nice rain. i always welcome it as bliss. it clean the dirty and forgive the wrong doing of souls in shadow. i love the heaven, or in simple word, the sky and universe, and the day or time. God, save me from ruin of defense, let me know that all my cares in ur attending. i love u. baby, i love u.

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