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Friday, December 29, 2006

bright sunny day

its my third night surfing all night in the cafe.the cafe was my secondly visited overnight.so far i was lightly hacked,i mean i likely did what i scheduled without serious problem,including a reboot.i backup my firefox with addons i needed and got some stuff from my old pastime warez forum.its sultry here, but i felt placated without dog's pesting.
last night i spent 2 more hours in cafe to blog and tried to backup my working environment.i stayed late in the dorm after 0:40 am,just wondering.in the dawn my baby's mother buzzed in and let me go over to care my baby for the kid sister need again to see the doctor.i don't felt sleepy so i headed on.there my baby just welcomed me from the lavatory.after the kid sister left,i gradually felt very sleepy.my baby slept around 10 am and slept for about 40 minutes,at the same time i still can kept awake,holding him in arms to wander.when his mother returned i didn't eat lunch but slept on bed.when his mother left my baby cried for my care and refused the kid sister's care.so i got up and cared him but still sleepy.my baby soon bored and asked to haunted outside of the door.so i brought him to the corridor but he demanded to downstairs several floors then i lost temper and beat his button and he cried.later he slept and the kid sister suggested to lay him on the bed and i did.i slept aside him.i worried him to wake up in the dream frequently.but he finally woke up when i shift my head from the pillar less to bother him.so i got up to care him.soon the grandma arrived and she let me continue to sleep and i did.i woke up later than 4 pm and stayed on bed wondering how to operate in cafe tonight.lately the kid sister cooked.i at that time busy with sorting my firefox with addons on the notebook and my baby approached me and bumped on the keyboard and let his mother can't afford.i ate 3 bowl of rice at dinner.the kid sister likely first time recently cooked 2 hot dishes even including a hot soup,which very satisfied me.after dinner i put on my feather coat,replaced the suits i worn so far.i also put on wool trousers. l left after kissed my baby and let him kissed me.i love him so much.in the dorm i laid myself on bed waiting for time to spent overnight in cafe.the room i lived was likely just seperated with neighbor with thin paper wall,any sound can be clearly heard by those on the other side of the wall.its just a plot.the day i returned to the dorm the administrator insisted my living the room,without any alternative offer.its previously a canteen.and the canteen also a product of change of usage.its original wall should be as thick as others,likely all old style thick concrete wall under the influence of the former soviet.when i lived here the left side neighbor room near the entrance of the dorm was empty,occupied by tools and materials,then the hooligans lived there. they not only hooligans as a common phenomeno all over the organization of qrrs, but had complicate background to exert dirty and spy onto me.the two buildings facing the dorm zone all 8 floors while other buildings parallel to them all shorter,the obvious ill will was to conquer the graduates ,quite some not of local offspring but the prc's citizen,with the local hooligans here rampant.its gate of the dorm zone was also a huge block,all refurnished as a pack with the dorm zone and its other efforts like memory hall to boast locals' contribution to today's qrrs but in fact all product of central planning system of soviet pattern, that's a miniature of northeast china in today china tried to bargain with south and other parts of china and its gov. to save its bankrupt,to show qrrs' dominating.i long time regarded its a dead place fading to obscure.
bye.i love u,like sheer light.kiss u with bear.

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