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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

pale day.

tonight i spent worthilessly in the cafe titled starsea, which doomed to lost its shape in near.i was hacked heavily and failed doing anything except uploading a movie clip of my baby in his second summer on earth.i previously intended to work in the cafe i first time surf overnight but it locke its door before i arrived there around 12 pm.its totally rubbished now.customers countable.its lcd and usb port just wasted.it charged 5 yuan a night.its totally failure of dog put its fingers into service.
last noon after i posted in the cafe i bought a member card,i went to renew my borrowed pc magzines.new issues rare and when i found a new one i was told its belong to a department and can't lend out.so i read there.a middle aged and a young man haunted there and dog let me buttock painful in the rest of the day.after reading mags in the dorm after 4 pm,i launched to see my baby.i bought him 2 hanborgers from kfc on the way at a price of 15 yuan with a coupon,but my baby ate less even its the warmest one among what i bought for him.my baby late asked to drink gaoluogao,in a large jar for quite some time since the old woman's arrival.i guessed its hard to comsume to let my baby frustrate,so he just spoon the powder from it and scattered in the cup and the floor.the air was tightened and i lost my temper and scorned my baby and he started to cry.then the kid sister praised my scorning onto my baby aside.i immediatley held my baby on my shoulders and he stopped to cry.after his mother returned we enjoyed the hanborger and left one for the kid son of the kid sister.the kid son later returned after his night class and enjoyed the kfc food.we couples played with our baby in our bedroom and let him laughed really a lot.when his mother stopped my throwing my baby onto the mat of pillar and quilt,he started to bumped around and haunted the room the kid sister and her son lived.when he scattered a stack of burned cds onto the floor,his mother can't sit aside and forcily held my baby returning to bedroom and milked him.my baby soon slept,in animosity.and i left to the dorm.in the dorm i went to bed after 1:30 am.i woke up after 1 pm and got up at 3:44 pm.then i visited my once working place for the monitor buzzed me about 8 am to inform me to hand in fee as a labor association member.there the only female colleagure talked with me about the bonus and increase of salary.she let me see the document of bonus disperse sheet and i caught sight of my share of about 700 yuan.after dinnre i wondered awhile in the dorm doubting what i should do in night cafe.then my baby's mother buzzed in and let me go over to care my baby earlier tomorrow for the kid sister had to see doctor for her pains in stomack in tomorrow morning.i admitted and told her about the bonus as she was told by her colleagues whose relatives worked in qrrs,my once working place,and urged me to inquire about it for some times.then on bed i listening readio.dog neaby challenged heavily and i felt dozy.i reviewed my hometown and her changes since my growth there.a lot of water and stream disappeared now,likely a common phenomeno globally.
this morning i dreamed a lot.i remember in a scene i with my wife carried a long fishing shaft passing a narrow corner gate around a lake and had problem.then her mother catched us.then i saw a army officer let his men with forklifter move pacels of beers onto the roof of his grocer shop.and nearby was a hotel,one of its servant was an abnormally short woman.she was tidy bedsheet.
since 2 or 3 am till now,i was blocked from most of sites i usually surfed without problem.2 addons of firefox with a size no more than 200 kb lasted 1n hour yet can't donwload.dog sure spent the night with open eyes,seeing its fate and freight.i know a night wasted here and that's the reality of nowaday china,rubbish stuffed.
bye.i love u.this everning on bed in the dorm i recalled u.kiss u with bright.

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