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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a pecular sunny cold day

now i spent more than an hour in the cafe farer than starsea.god blocked firefox from access its addons website.but with ie i later download some addons i needed.some recent posts in my blogs missing,esp. the day i drove 4 or 5 miles to find a cafe to wrote my blog and set my blog clients but almost in vain.these days really in a mess,being hunted by dog.this morning i arrived my baby's mother's home before 8 am.the kid sister soon left to see doctors.my baby asked to play tapwater and spoilt some water on the floor and let me angery with him.he really now in a struggle against evils around him.in the mid pains just under my chest very serious but my baby let it disappeared after some time.i love my baby,and worshiped him,but today dog let me review my stance.he was said didn't slept in daytime for 2 days.but today he slept about half of an hour in the morning and so did in the afternoon.at lunch i felt lack of energy but his mother in high spirit.at noon i dozed awhile on the bed with my baby's quilt covered me.i started to care my baby after his mother left.the kid sister slept and in the afternoon left to see doctor again with the grandma.we had a good time in the afternoon.when the old sisters returned,we started to receive his mother.we entered the school yard but my baby let me stayed near the watch dog's outpost for sometime,less the watch dog sneered us.we played with some children of the teachers.a middle aged woman kept talking with her cell phone nearby and let my baby unconfortable.my baby directed me left the door in advance but his mother soon caught us from back.my baby asked for a stick of sugar gourd,but his mother want to refute.my baby cried for it and he won.lunch was not ready when we arrived home.his mother shown her best hospitality to the kid sister,with her mother.so i left and had my dinner at dorm canteen.
dog now desperate for a show of their power.i don't know how problematic my blog publish got involved,but i will stay.
bye.today its quite bright sunshine,even very cold.the moon appeared early and caused my baby pointed to it when we went outside to receive his mother.snow nearby.i hope a cleaner world in vision.
i love u.kiss u with bear.

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