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Saturday, January 20, 2007

sunny day

last night i spent 4.5 rmb to blog and download a bit broken warez.when i arrived the dorm the rat of neighbor just met me in the corridor,again an covert scene to inform me dog's surveillance.i read "from vietnam to 9.11:front line of terrorism" after washed till 2 am.then i skimmed awhile the chinese version of "Hundejahre",by Günter Wilhelm Grass.i rested after 3:17 am.rotten rat attacked first when i started to read,let my wrest painful and cold.however,i slept sound and woke up lately till phone call from my baby's mother arrived.she let me know her notebook finished downloading the warez she helped me to get from the internet access of her school.i continued to sleep till after 3 pm i got up.i intended to borrow pc magz but the librarian told me in the phone no new issues available.i then visited my baby.his mother leaving,met me in the entrance of the residential building.i then found the ftp download list finished but only a little warez left on the hard disk while the 2 os i needed all gone with wind,deleted by invading hand into the notebook or modified the download list not to let the ftp client to download at all.my baby messed a heap of changes his mother piled on the bed and later bumped on the notebook and tear the cdrom.the grandma watched aside and babbled.i finally lost temper and beat his bottom and he cried seriously and soon slept in the arms of the grandma.then his mother returned and shifted our baby to bed.she dumbfound the trick dog played on her notebook but can't bare my scorns onto dog and let me stop.then she tutored 2 girl students while i laid myself aside my baby dozed.after my baby woke up i held him played.at dinner i ate 3 bowl of rice.we lingered in the room the kid sister occupied then i watched tv news.then we shifted to our bedroom and my baby was milked by his mother and calmed down.but the kid sister and her son turned tv and watched.my baby turned agile and played lately.he drove his bike,fed with seedings,laughed with his mother's tease.i later started to doubting where to download the warez i want.i left after 9:30 pm without my bike and gloves.i intended to spend overnight in a nearby cafe but i was told the usb was unavailable.so i walked to the newly open cafe in the mid between the dorm and the house of my baby's mother's.lcd was not available.a neighbor challenged me then left.my download started.my browser,firefox with some addons,modified unauthorizedly within compression archive on the notebook of my baby's mother even i always finished my operation as swift as possible.
bye.i love u.my baby's mother dragged me to force me to leave when i started to sing after dinner and warned me of file for divorce,but i didn't reply.i don't hesitate to live with u.kiss u with beer.

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