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Thursday, January 18, 2007

2007.1.17:snow last night,bright sunny day.today full sunny

the night i tried to find free internet fax failed in the cafe i now again blogging.after returned to dorm i felt i can try more,so i headed to the newly open cafe near 12 pm.there is only a vacant seat who front usb disabled.i waited for some time till a guy wandered around and suggested my played awhile on his pc upon my asking for change seat with him.later he changed seat with me and soon the neighbor seat changed a guy and i under strongest attack i ever experienced.till 4 am they lost their energy and i enjoyed more on my work.i finally find a site offering email to fax and whose service covering china.i tried to fax with a picture twice.i also adding some ftp servers to my ftp client and found one of them very handy.when i left i felt glad with stuffed warez.after breakfast i decided to see my baby,by the way to sort warez on my pc.on the way i haunted the cafe again to finish a pirate os half downloaded.i faxed again but when i arrived my baby’s mother’s home i was told by the kid sister her relatives didn’t receive any fax so far.the reason likely the fax number i filled in not correct,and i will tried tonight,even the kid sister needn’t it any more for she had resolved her problem by other way.the morning i sang a lot and my baby slept in my songs.we didn’t go out to receive his mother.after lunch his mother tutored the 2 girl students and i dozed awhile.after i woke up i cared my baby and exchanged some words with the girl students.all went like usual but near 8 pm when i intended to left,i felt strong faint and can’t leave.i rest on bed for some time but still can’t feel sure to return to the dorm independently.so i slept the night in my baby’s mother’s home.the night was not so peace for me.i felt the the spy of neighbor and had to fight against it.my baby woke up with his mother in early morning and i got up to care him after his mother left to attend teachers’ exam.later the kid sister got up with her son.breakfast was porridge with pie and i enjoyed it very much.my baby ate a lot of pickles.then again i sang a lot and my baby slept in my songs for about 45 minutes.then we went out to receive his mother.we ate an ice cream and entered the school yard.we ventured the teaching building.then his mother found us.she in fact didn’t take exam in the school.she returned home and fetch us .lunch i ate less,for still disconfortable.i dozed again at noon while my baby was cared by his mother.after i woke up his mother tutoring the son of her colleague.then we held our baby outside to deposit for him.my baby insisted walking his own and fell sometimes.later the grandma arrived when my baby’s mother tutored 2 girl students.my baby cried a lot in front of the girl students and later was sent to sleep by his mother.dinner i talked about web service and cyberspace with my baby’s mother a lot on the table,let the rest dumbfound.my baby’s mother more or less persuaded by me,but later we triple went to the room the kid sister and her son occupied and watched Korean movie on the notebook.i held my baby returning to the bedroom to play,and till my baby’s nose bumped on the rim of the window and cried,his mother returned to bedroom and played with my baby.my baby was especially agile after enough sleep.i left on 9 pm and ported on the way to blog.
these days not too bad for me.i m in the pursuit of u and even more eager to know ur scent.kiss u with tear.i love u.in every restless moment.bye.

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