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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

extroadinary sunny day.

last night i spent 4.5 yuan to post to blog.dog hacked heavily hampering me from getting my blog backup with blogwriter.when i left the cafe its already near 12 am.i then enjoying reading my family album on my pda.then i read autobiography of germany chancerllor Angela Merkel till 3:33 am.i got up at 11:21 am and went to see my baby at once.his mother had returned from her school and be free in the afternoon.i played with my baby awhile then started to sort my pda,shifting my backups to pc and tried again to restore orneta reader mobile from mobile disk to my pda.an ebook entitled "terrorism on front line: from vietnam war to 9.11" losing its words break in teamone reader while yesterday i found a fresh copy working without any problem,so i tried to restore it but dog’s close monitor infected and destroyed my operation.i also sort my all downloading to backup disk.my baby’s mother almost lost her temper,complaining my busy with pc these days there.i then cared my baby,feeding him with juice and sang a lot.time swift,then his mother tried to sleep.so i held my baby haunted outside.we first visited the sports yard.my baby watched awhile basketball players.then we passed the skate ground to a supermarket titled "kang le fu(health merry wellbeing)",as i refered once in my blog.the saleswoman asked to hold my baby and my baby accepted but later he cried for me.i bought him candy,jelly,seeding,ice cream.on the way home he asked to visit a grocer market and i bought some pine nuts.the 2 pork vendors talked with me.when we arrived the kid sister of my baby’s mother there.i let my baby eat the food we just bought.my baby asked to play with the cell phone of the kid sister of his mother and his aunt want to take it back.his mother want to let him give it up but he refused.i beat my baby on his right leg for he wrongly attracted by the evil.he cried and his mother held him into bedroom and i went there again beat him on his bottom.he cried again but soon he asked for my caress with peace.there r 2 girl students there tutored,with the kid brother of my baby’s mother’s aunt.my baby started to play happily around the waiting room,sometimes around the 2 girl students.the kid sister of his mother started to eat at waiting room with a stool,then soon left after answered a call.dinner was remnants of yesterday’s,they called me yesterday in the afternoon to go over to attend a ceremony for the birthday of the kid sister of my baby’s mother and the kid son of his mother’s aunt but i didn’t received.after dinner we played with my baby.then the kid sister asked to fax her national id card to her home.so i suggested send via web and we busy with capture and processed it on the notebook.the kid sister urged her son to learn pc.my baby slept in the mid.his mother glad to let me demonstrate my skill on pc. that’s my happy day today.free fax online mostly only support text message and i likely had to spend more time to find a solution to fax photo.i love u.kiss u with beer.bye.
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