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Monday, January 15, 2007

bright sunny day

last night i spent 3.5 rmb just to post to my blogs.in the dorm i played with my pda for some time.later skimmed some ebooks.i went to bed after 2:40 am.i got up at 2:07 pm and immediately found the sunshine too bright to miss.i went to the library at once,there i read some mags not to lend.the librarian treated me a bit colder,and refused to let me know when she will fetch mags newly arrived.when i almost finished reading,2 guys arrived.i then went to newspaper reading room.but the performance of beijing opera in nearby room too appealing to miss,so i went there first.but an old man sang in female role again just after i sat and prepared my ears.after the man finished another old man sang,then the rehearsal finished.there r 3 or 4 men there reading newspaper.i only read some picturials.returned to dorm,i listened music radio on bed.the live topic was "ongoing love" and i felt i was sharing the moment with u.dinner i asked for additional food,for its my only meal today.the cook at service to sell food,but on the other side of the stool the administrator of family name sun(grandson) in chinese actively directed the cook what to offer to me and i had to refuse the nasty belly of what the sun claimed of sheep.i enjoyed my dinner.after dinner i on bed sorting my sd card of my pda.last night i forgot to lock it from write and dog nearby immediately found it and modified files on it,esp. let the ebook titled "terrorism on front line from vietnam to 9.11" or about so ill layouted in teamone reader.they recently aimed to the ebook and modified it for several times after i restored it again and again.their secret was just narrow in a tiny box,shortly preventing common people knowing.their dirty trick just like dirty snow melt quick in sunshine in day time.i backup my pda os for 3 times,and finished it at 8:21 pm.then i here the cafe i with a member card to blog.my last time deposit,as i can remember,should be 14 rmb while the clerk woman told me its now left 9 rmb. i knew my pda more or less infected by virus or spywares,however,the warez i needed working,so i felt glad to finish a new backup after all.i found a lot of interesting ebooks from western authors but quite sometimes can’t linger on them too much time. bye.i love u.in these days of search and wait.i love u,like snow cap of the everest mount,hard to live with the heat from our structural contacts and twist.kiss u with beer.i love u.
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