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Sunday, October 29, 2006

bright sunshine afternoon

i laid myself on bed listening music radio till 4 pm.dogs hunting and
let my pda hanged a time.after 4 pm i got up and want to read
newspaper but the newspaper room out of service.so i took a tour to
the eatern zone of qrrs which underwent large changes under the
ambitions of qrrs and the municipal gov. .there r some open space
around the qrrs hotel for receiving its foreign and national
guests,which covered with grass and a few trees enclosed by
fence.nearby middle school had a new teaching building.leaving its old
2 floor building extending some area likely being occupied by
management stuff.qrrs even build 3 building of 15 floor or higher but
their ground floor mostly locked now,indicating can't be rent for
service.the state-owned enterprises owning quite some assets not eager
to open to service but hold for a good price.it can be safely said
nowaday china's biggest asset was the land of peasants that been
deprived from its owner.i also tried to find another internet cafe but
in vain.maybe the customer can't afford another,or maybe the cops
monopolied to maxize its profits.
bye.i want to read my google personal homepage,which was block when i
surfed at starsea cafe in the morning.i love u.kiss u with clouds in
the pale blue winter sky.

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