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Sunday, October 29, 2006

warm and bright morning

i got up at 10:09 am.awake on bed i doubting the irriatabel spying and
hacking on our family internet accounts from dogs.it likes a long time
tiptoe in shits stained ground ,likes a smoke gun aside u without any
restrain.dogs here in starsea again block most of my access to some
websites.they shits on chinese mainland for so many years that anyone
passed here can't avoid to be choked by the foul smells.they r dirty
animal.i also doubting who trusted the cafe to ask for a show of id
card to use internet,who privileged to ask anyone to show their id
card when they at service.is is lawful when we enjoy services like
shopping or walking or eating while had to show our id card?its
longtime a laughable compare that american have a unique social
welfare id card while chinese have a unique national id card for the
convinience of cops to trace criminal.they drive any chinese into
criminal with their disgusting dog eyes and licking dirty tougoe.
however,the sunshine outside of the window is bright.last night dogs
around my room in the dorm heavily biting when i read pc magzines.i
have to read bible to clean myself and trench the foxes and wolfes and
dogs.they likely desperate or new hungerer or new evil spirit arrived
near my room.
i slept sound,thx god.
bye.i'd better do some reading on web.i love u.kiss u with tearless blue sky.



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