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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

bright warm sunny day

my baby received me near the door when i arrived there about 10:00am.i
held him playing for half an hour then went out to receive his
mother.we picked the way to sportsyard and he asked for walking on the
newly heaped earth on the path around the yard on feet.there r 3 or 4
children with their parents there.my baby picked a ditched sore milk
cup so i suggested buying one.then we went to tongxin supermarket
where we bought a cup of sore milk,a bag of fried fish wings and
little bag of sausage.we ate immediately outside of the market.then we
entered the south garden where swarmed with aged people.we had a good
time in the sunshine.when i caught sight of some teachers leaving
through the door of his mother's school i hastened there but still his
mother had to turned back from home to fetch us.after lunch i played
awhile his mother's notebook then we triple went outside.we
accompanied his mother to her school and we went to south garden.i
started to shot my baby.he played on the leaves on ground
concentrately but later insisted to hang the camera and bumped a lot
on the paveway,let me very anxious.he asked for some snack from the
grocer in the garden.when we shifted to sports yard after eating a ice
stick he slept on my shoulder.the old woman laid him on bed and i
started to play with the notebook and the web.the dogs again hacked
the notebook and the antivirus and antispyware and firewall again
broken by the dog,who mostly likely manipulated the telcom to hack our
byte flow,but also possible my os let them faults to break in.its just
too fast.they r more and more desperate to brag their weapons and
brutality.they r losing,just like their doomed fate.
tonight the cafe full of dogs,heavily biting.last night dog among them
let the pc err prone and hanged and reboot itself.dogs union really
losing.they just can't keep their fake peace.fake pretense.god let me
see the breaking light near the end of the tunnel.
bye.i love u.kiss u with pure white of the coming first snow of the
killing winter.

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