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Monday, October 30, 2006

extraordinary warm sunny winter day.

i woke up at 7:22 am and got up at 8:00 am.last night dogs let me
restless awhile and i sometime can't judge in dream or in reality.i
dreamed my elder brother and a country folk broke my house and the
latter attempting to steal something.i headed to see my baby at
once.my baby received me near the door on foot,likely he usually
played alone when at home with the old woman.i held him playing on the
balcony but later i was distracted by the wish to settle his mother's
notebook.last night i download free firewall and antivirus soft and i
just need a try.my baby let me alone for quite some time but sometimes
he drag my hand to lead me away from the notebook.i evade him for
sometimes.after 10:30 he cried loudly for my cares and i gave up pc
and held him outside and he fell into sleep as soon as we downstairs
to ground floor.he slept on my shoulders in the south garden and again
some people asked us to return home and soon my baby was woke up by
illwilled people around and we shifted to his mother's school where we
received his mother.at home before lunch my baby laughed a lot with
hide-and-see with his mother.but soon after lunch i busy with notebook
till 4:30 pm i held him out to receive his mother and he again slept
just left his mother's home.he is now growing up and under trainning
by god.god let illwilled persons around our home desperate to exert on
him.but he forever safe and sound.
on the way leaving his mother's home i felt sorry for him.i should
caress him more,for i come over rightly to see him.his mother not so
interested in my work for her.
bye.days and nights let us love blunt.i don't know how far u ahead
me.i only know fight myself a safe cave for the unclear ur presence.i
only know god's seeing my chores.
i love u.kiss u with the purity of the coming first snow.



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