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Thursday, November 02, 2006

faint sunshine in the morning,paled out in the afternoon.

last night i worked lately to 9:40 pm.i even attempted to continue my
work after i exchanged daily bless with my son and his mother.but i
held back myself for i want to share free time with my baby and his
mother next morning.his mother said she would be free this morning,and
last morning she held my baby to eat out kentuky fried chicken.i more
or less enjoy publicity with my son.so i regret didn't go over
this morning i woke up at 8:01 am and got up at once.last night the
boss of the starsea cafe haunted in my mind for quite some time.when i
left he upstairs to meet me and i know he monitored me for a long
time.they belongs to dogs union.
my baby received me near the door.soon his mother suggested to haunt
outside and we went to south garden and we started to shot our
baby.some old parents holding their grandsons there showing their
admires to us and my son's mother shared my baby's biscuits with them
but i didn't.for i promised my baby not to disperse his food with
in the afternoon the railway telcom arrived 2 staff, a man and a woman
last time visited us to handle our adsl installation,upon our
complains for the too low speed of adsl.they just shown me the adsl
modem's interface to show its downward speed is 2m,but didn't resolve
our problem of slow surfing.i later doubting the woman staff a
intelligence worker of the state security bureau.the man blamed my
firewall and even suggest me surfing without firewall.after them
left,i spent 2 more hours to upload a 200KB video files to youtube.com
but failed thousand times.my baby slept on my shoulder in advanced and
later let the old woman shifted to bed.i held my baby to receive his
mother after 6:30 pm and had a nice time in the entrance of the
classroom building of the school.
i spent 2 hours here to register my family members youtube accounts
and let them working.
bye.i love u with bareness.kiss u with drips of winter leaves.

From warren with h...

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