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Monday, January 08, 2007

2007.1.7:snow overnight,bright sunny full day.today is a pale day.

after returning to the dorm i tried to rest some time in the threats of dog nearby.after 11 am i launched to see my baby.the grandma and the kid sister there with my baby walking at the waiting room.the lunch including a large fish,and i drank beer with it the grandma open to add flavor to cook fish.i also let my baby tasted some and the rest was taken by his mother not to let me fed my baby with it.soon she felt faint with its alcohol.she had to attending her school for its students now taking term exams in weekends.i commented china now use illegally the children labor of students overtimely.after lunch i busied awhile to sort my downloaded to pc and my baby hampered me.the old sisters left to shower,so i gave up pc and cared my baby.my baby slept in my songs and slept for more than an hour,which was overstated by the kid sister.after my baby woke up after 3:30 pm i felt very sleepy,likely threatened heavily,just before the sisters arrived.then the kid sister prepared my showering tools,including the mop and teeth brushed and towel she used.i ditched teeth brush and the mop,just picked the soup,shampoo and towel.i bought a mop at the common bathroom,costing 2 yuan.the bathroom increased its price to 3.5 yuan now.just when i uncoated myself,a doggie was let into the room and sniff around me.i strode to drive it away and know its a plot of dog.when i started shower,the dog of the nearby independent large house of former high rank ccp carder of the railway station barked for sometimes.after returned home i held my baby went out to receive his mother.we ate a ice cream,suggested by the grocer in response of shortage of what my baby asked type.its milk with dry grape in.my baby didn’t eat the grape each time he met.his mother almost miss us and we called her back.at dinner i drank wine and let my baby tasted it.after dinner threatens around let my baby irregular and his mother tried to attracked him with multimedia for baby,but he just bump onto the lcd of the notebook,and let his mother cluelessly.i watched aside and doubting if i should left to alleviate the ill wills cast by dog around in the residential building.his mother finally let me leave,and my baby farewell to me,likely not so welcome.when i arrived the dorm,its a quarter to 9 pm.and i felt so sleepy and i finally didn’t went to cafe to blog.its likely my first time missing a day without blogging it after my adopted my current life style.i turned agile near 0 am and wondered till about 0:47 am and then went to bed directly,with pills taken. i dreamed a lot.in a scene i beset in a daguanyuan (titled after hongloumeng,chinese classic literature)(garden of marvellous views) built by corean.i woke up after 12 am and got up after 2 pm.i wandered awhile in the room then went to renew my borrowed pc mag but the libray was locked so i moved to the workers’ palace.i read some magzines there and a newspaper,’world reference digest(cankaoxiaoxi)’.there r some reports about china’s out-extended activities among africa,to laundry its bubble money.when challenges turned thick with more dogs beseated around me,i finished my reading and haunted the beijing opera lounge.this time less women and man distorted.three old man sang,in the role of fortitude and lonely and enduring heros.the final likely sang in the role of emperor himself.in a moment i felt chinese tradition of history oriented and felt trust onto it,including common people’s witness all seasons as parts of history in the form of opera and folk story.after returned to dorm,i jogged in the yard with fresh snow for about an hour.a girl leaving with baggage and i followed her outside of the gate and felt she was blessed with her hometown,while i had idled for more than 15 years without my hometown.esp.after my grandpa’s leaving i was deserted on this earth.dinner i asked for additional food.that’s my only expense of 4 yuan today on board.in the dorm i just waited for time for cafe overnight.neighbor room started to introduce female.when i arrived the cafe i recently haunted a crowd jammed on the reception desk.i waited for some time.when i peer around and found its lcd was all occupied with 2 near the reception desk was declared booked i shifted to a nearby cafe.its space was highly utilized,very jammed.its front usb port was diabled but i tried the back usb port which working.but my ftp account can’t connected with the servers.so far i busy with blogging,and don’t know how to kill time without warez stuff to play around. bye.i love u.in the afternoon and night i heard lots of songs of goodbye to love.but i insisted getting u,i needn’t a love without u exactly being aside me in my life.i need ur hands in my hands.today is the memory day for the leaving of zhouenlai,the former premier of prc.and the sky was decorated with some clouds and blunt sun.and i know its a merciless day under dog’s threat. kiss u with tear and beer.
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