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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

bright sunny day yesterday,sunny today

last night dog bit heavily in the cafe very jammed and its front usb port was disabled.however i got my sd card full.dog blocked my getting softimage from the ftp server.it also tempered me getting another pdf reader,after i tried 3 copy of it all ill working.at dawn on the way to the dorm i felt glad.after breakfast with which i ate an egg and some extra porridge at a price of 2 rmb,i sorted downloadings on my sd card and immediately shifted some programs to my pda,risking wireless hack nearby.i didn't doze at all and visited my baby at once.my baby fetched me my slippers to reward my earlier visit and i held him in arms without uncoated.later his mother told me he recently suffer choked sleeps and worked sometimes in dreams in nights.the sunshine was quite bright outside and on the wall indoor,like a spring sunshine.i sang a lot with my baby on my shoulders.the kid son of the kid sister watched tv with volume high.later i open the window on the balcony and sang loudly against the noise produced by a working drill in the nearby factory,till my baby shift me about to shut the window.we left to receive his mother after 11 am.i bought an ice cream on the way.my baby insisted holding the stick of the ice cream himself.his mother glad to see us.after lunch i started to sort and shift downloadings to pc.the kid sister and her son chatted on the bed nearby and sometimes my baby joined them with his mother.when his mother leaving i halt my work and saw her leaving with my baby.in the afternoon,i again sang a lot,in high spirit.i held my baby a shower,as i was told he didn't have bath since suffering cold and when i urged his mother to bath him she refuted me several times.my baby a little bit sleepy and felt anxious to water covering on his head.i hugged him when he needed.the kid sister first kept watching,then hurried to mop my baby's eyes with her towel while i thought its better to let my baby see its safe with water covering head and face.after putting my baby an suit of underwares i wrapped him in thick quilt and he soon slept.he slept for more than an hour in my arms.i saw his nose was clean and his breath was smooth.near 4 am he woke up and asked to see the grandma arrived for awhile and busying in the lavatory.so i shifted my baby to his grandma and started to copy my backup of my pda os including orneta reader mobile to my sd card from my mobile hard disk,before we going out to receive his mother.just in a few minutes i sensed dog controlled my pc via wireless gadget i didn't recognized within my pc and infected my pc and my mobile disk.his mother returned some minutes earlier,before we launched.she bought again a huge orange and in high spirit.she let my baby hanged it to my front to let me praise my baby and the orange.the dinner ready.my baby was let to urge me to eat and he did well with his rabbles.i tried in hurry the reader mobile and found its yet ill working,likely i had to endure its being handicapped for some time or ditched it with alternative readers.dinner was mutton with vegetable.the grandma or with her kid sister dirty me and let me in solitude.after dinner my baby's mother asked me to leave with her for a short trip on the way to her mother's home to fetch some books.so we headed.her mother left in advance.i told her about the hacking of cop onto my surf and we departed near the cross heading different directions.in the dorm i again felt doze among threats and loathed to blog outside nearby.near 11 pm i turned clear mindedly and wandered in room wondering the blond,jamie,about my longing for her,till 0 am.i then wondered my situation.i prepared to sleep when its 1:03 am.i slept sound and in the morning the monitor of my once working place buzzed in,as he did yesterday to my baby's mother's home just before i arrived there to informed me visit the office.i admitted it but can't help sleeping till its alarmed me again.so i put on and visit the office,where the monitor handed me 100 yuan as member of technocrat association of qrrs,and let me registered myself as an applicant for aid of financial problem.the former was meanless,just a way of chinese educated group to differenciated them from the labor workers to fool themselves to contented,and as a way of bureaucrat to manage all strange interest groups constrained themselves within financial interests.the monitor had stamped instead of me,against my disagreement once i explained to him when he asked for my stamp in his hand in my absence.the aid application also a concoct,or even a plot of dog,without my permission in advance.i just did what he suggested,registered my baby as my dependent applying for aid.i needn't the aid and on the way i wondered if i can handed it to charity but i m not sure if i bother the all process.i dozed in the dorm till 3 pm on bed.then i listened radio and wandered in room till dinner time.dinner was my only meal today, and i paid 4 rmb for extra food.then i rested on bed,waiting for cafe to allow overnight service.i sensed hostility and spying around trying to penetrating me.the host of a program titled ' college pioneer ' really mediocre,but they can't be smarter and cuter in nowadays media for young people.when its near 9 pm i walked about a mile to the newly open cafe where i avoided last overnight.this time lcds were available and i picked one.dog bit nearby heavily but later some near me left.but babbling gangsters lingered and one of them approached my neighbor seat.
that's my two days.i will stayed here tonight,no matter beseiged with threats and spies.i enjoyed working on my schema and the fresh dawn in sight after several hours.
bye.i love u.in night and in bright.ur figure even dim in the view forehead.and i don't know how u get along with ur task currently,like academy and job perspective.kiss u with tear.i love u.like the surest star in dawn sky,qimingxing(the star to tell dawn) in chinese,or Phosphor in western.kiss u again.

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