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Sunday, January 07, 2007

after first real snow in this winter,smart sunshine all day

last night i posted for more than an hours and charged for 2 yuan.my backup uploaded to my google group at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/benzyrnill succeeded after the last minutes in this cafe now i will spent my third overnight in it tonight with its enviable 19 wide screen lcd,but what i downloaded from the backup files on google all different in size of the original and can’t be unpacked,2 times from different cafes,likely dog broke in my download byte flow.now i registered myself an domestic web disk service provider and my upload now speedy.i also published 2 home movie of my baby today on the skate ground in first real serious snow in this winter and some pictures of my baby onto youtube.com and picasaweb of google.that’s satisfying.
last night i went to bed earlier,after 10 pm.i slept sound and missed urgent in love emotion.i got up at 0:11 am and went to see my baby at once.they had already finished their lunch and my baby insisted my holding him for some time before his mother accept him to let me eat my lunch.after lunch we played the cotton pots,his mother’s once students’ presents,as my baby’s pastime.he also tried to play with knife but later the kid sister took it away.the kid sister laid herself on bed reading.when we felt boring we went to outside.on the skate place in the sports yard,i first laid my baby on the ice ground and started to take out the camera but my baby cried miserablely.so i let him play,push him skating on the ice with his feet projecting forward.he enjoyed silently,and sincerely watched the people aound skating.i later shot some pictures and movies.his mother loathed to shot picture outside recently,refuted me sometimes,including my suggestion at noon.dog aound let me tired when i pust my baby half coutched,but i tried to arrived the other end of the yard and sat on a bench among 2 little girls.we then moved to the south garden.my baby asked for food but the grocer absent.my baby kept solemn all time outside.on the way returning home he asked for icecream.we ated it at once.and he urgent to return,and later i know he was urgent to make water or chill hurt his hands without gloves.after arrived home and finished the ice cream i went to urine with him,he made a abount water after me.and his hands and feet really cold.he enjoyed my holding him out and i love him so.when time near to receive his mother,he disliked to leave so we stayed.the kid son of the kid sister arrived and teased my baby to laugh a lot.when dishes ready,he asked me to feed him with potato and carrot slice.then the mother and the kid son also started to eat.then his mother returned.i explained his son first asked to eat dinner.she cared my baby to eat till my baby didn’t eat.i drank wine.after dinner she told me cafes nowadays insecure,there were incidence of criminal in cafes,including murders.after dinner i started to sort my downloads on the sd card on her notebook and the neighbor monitored me via wireless.my baby was milked and soon slept.so did his mother.i left after finished my work swiftily.i kissed my baby and his mother with sorrow for the challenges around i brought.the dorm room,challenges let me doze.till 8:55 pm i agile and decided to surf the net.on the way i decided to spent overnight in the cafe about 1 mile apart from the dorm zone.in the cafe i was asked to change computer 2 times.so far,i enjoyed my surfing.
bye.i love u.in this pure white world,i recently even eagerer to females,i don’t know which road
leading to u,i just skating in my fate to my destiny.kiss u with fear.i in fact sensed the snow last night.god knows the distance between us.i love u.kiss u again.

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