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Saturday, January 13, 2007

sunny day

last night i spent 2 more hours just to post my blog,hacking let it problematic.in the dorm room i read my blog on my pda till 3:13 am.rat in neighbor room first mute then turned on tv and later again silent.i dreamed in dawn a woman creates a kind of characters,or a kind of language,and tried all her means to promoted it.in a printed demonstration i read it rewrite a chinese traditional poem ’heng kang cheng ling ce cheng feng,yuan jin gao di guo bu tong(likes lofty mountain from the side view while likes mountains from front view,different scenes from different distance and height views)’ in its characters.their house was in a rainy mountain village.i woke up after 2 pm and got up at 2:48 pm.then i wandered awhile in the garden of the dorm zone then visited a cross near the main street of qrrs where sunshine was still bright on the road.after sucked enough sunshine,i returned to dorm.i listened to the radio till 4:30 pm.then i ate my only meal today,with 4 rmb for additional food.rested on bed for a while,then i went to see my baby.the kid sister of my baby’s mother there,with her mother.she,the prostitute,again laid herself on the bed and crawled around like a sex toy,while her mother stood aside,teasing my baby.i then sorted bathing tools intending to shower in common bathroom.my baby insisted played with the soup.when i left they started their dinner.when i returned the prostitute and her mother left,and the dinner also finished.i cared my baby awhile then i told my baby’s mother i needed a quarter to operate on pc with my pda.she urged me started at once.so i used the pc.my baby and his mother played on the bed where the kid sister of his mother’s aunt laid herself on and reading.my baby haunted me for sometimes but was held away by his mother.when his mother can’t hold him calm,i finished my work and started to play with them on the bed with the kid sister,who exerting her will to let my baby restless and later asked his mother’s milk.his mother milked aside the kid sister,who kid son watching tv in the waiting room.after we couples shifted our baby to waiting room and eating some fruits,the kid sister also watched tv in waiting room.they watch an old war theme tv series movies titled ’liangjian(show ur sword)’.my baby was bored and milked.i waited he fell into sleep.after his mother shift him to his cradle,i stood aside the cradle and again felt strong dirty will from the southern neighbor.his mother urged my leaving.so i left after i felt enough.returned to dorm i tried awhile team one reader and found it can read pdf files well and let me glad.
its not a bad day today.last night when i read my blog i found a lot of plots happened.but god let me still slept sound.in the afternoon,a song from radio told me u want to be assured by me i love u.i do love u.here and there,now and then.kiss u with beer.feel u with winds.bye.i love u.

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