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Friday, January 12, 2007

two sunny days.

the night in the newly open cafe was almost endurable,even dog frequently delete my ftp download list and make files within a remote folder less in local folder after download finished,by modifying my ftp clients downloading list on the fly or deleted downloaded files on my hard disk,or cheat the ftp protocol and let downloading broke.however i got some pda warez from pda forums.gangsters around me rabbled for quite some times but later they lost their engergy.later also arrived another group of gangsters,including middle aged,they can be cop in guise.they left about 6 am and then my neighbor seats turned empty and some far seated player slept.on the way to dorm i felt in right spirit.the administrators of the canteen all claimed i turning slimmer,the female admin even warned me that i shouldn’t leave the world before my baby independent in the world.i knew last night i was encountered by violent threats.i asked for addition porridge at a price of 2 rmb.returned to dorm i just watched if my sd card was sound for in the last minute before the cafe locked the pc i was copying.my files copied all existed on the sd card,so i launched to see my baby at once.my baby was slept when i arrived.so i started to sort my downloadings.before i almost finished my work my baby cried and the kid son of the kid sister of my baby’s aunt went to hold him up.then my baby saw me in front of the pc and asked for my caress.i held him wander a moment then i told him i just need some extra minutes to finish and tried to lay him aside.he cried at once.so i picked him up again.later he let me finished my work swiftly.i sang a lot to fight against the challenges around.then he slept near 10 am and slept for an hour.her mother returned before we left to receive her.at lunch i was open and commented that the cook was poor.after lunch my baby asked to haunted outside.so i held him to the cult dragon supermarket.we picked goods then waited his mother to arrive as she asked.i bought my baby some milk candy against her opposing.then we went to the sports yard.i pushed my baby sliding on the ice ground with feet,with his back,with his bottom,all tries let my baby happily.a little boy about 4 or 5 years old can skate kept babbled with us and refused my offer of a candy.he likely from a islamic family.then we sent his mother to her school and his mother insisted standing along the way in sunshine.we met some of her colleagues and most of them were friendly to us.his mother insisted sending us back to home.then my baby was milked by his mother and slept.so did his mother.and i dozed aside.after his mother left,i wondered aside my baby.my baby woke up when i started to review the son of my kid brother,who let my baby in his life on earth first time encountered cold just after my kid brother’s family with my elder sister arrived,and my baby was medically treated by his mother,at the time when i was trapped in the asylum the third time in my life,and the second time in qiqihar.then i held my baby playing with what he liked.later i sang a lot,just felt challenged and joyful in my own.his mother returned home earlier than usual,just after a meeting as she said.then she tutored a girl student.lunch was rich with a dish of fried fish and a dish of pork with Garlic bolt,and a soup with tomato.we all enjoyed the fish.after dinner my baby and his mother lingered quite some time in the room the kid sister and her kid son now lived.my baby insisted played with notes of the kid son but he refused.then my baby’s mother read the note as homework.the air turned thick dirty so i left the room and meandered in the waiting room.soon his mother left to see me and asked why i don’t leave.i replied i want to see my baby slept.then my baby asked for my cares.in the time i started to review fathership and parentship.his mother tried to milk him and let him sleep,but my baby insisted to play.so i held him to play cooking utilities and flavor powder.he slept when his mother secondly forcefully milked him to sleep.i left after 8 pm and on the way felt freely to think in my way toward my destiny.
in the dorm i wondered after 11 pm,tried some pda warez i just got.i slept sound in the night but in the morning my sleep was unstable.i got up at 2:11 pm.then i was surrounded by nomen about my baby.i decided to get rid of it and went to renew my borrowed magz.there is no new issues there,so i read some new magz don’t lend.the woman librarian let my nose running.then i passed the workers’ palace but left to dorm when my pda told me its near 4 pm.i headed to see my baby at once.on the way 2 taxi challenged me.my baby was in her mother’s arms when i arrived.and his mother started to milk him and want to let him sleep.then 2 girl students arrived.i held my baby eating pine nuts,kidding the girl students,and sang.dinner was again rich with two dishes.but i just before dinner started to operated on pc and when i finished it the kid sister with her son finished their dinner.that’s my only meal today.after dinner my baby again don’t want to sleep and insisted throw slippers onto the head of the kid son of his mother’s aunt.the kid son didn’t show reservation and thrown the shoes far away quite sometimes.when my baby slept with his mother,i first stood then kneel then sat in front of his cradle to prevent neighbor’s threats.i did felt the threat and fought against it for some time.threats from the upper floor and lower floor ,whose own was in family name of liu,an officer of city management bureau,with whom we dealt once for my family’s tap water forgot to lock and leaking water spoilt onto his newly furnished floor and we spent for the damage for 3000 rmb and more,in their claim of favorite price.threats also came from the neighbor on the south direction,who had challenged me for a long time before i fell into asylum third time.the family likely a high rank of cadre,esp. secret cop.it monitored me for quite some time,in very late night.it also hacked my pc for a long time.i later some time before i left my baby’s mother’s home with only an underwear in rain on the day i was sent to asylum found its evil.its doomed to death,on the day we say.its a theft and a slaughter.its just an blocking stone on the way of our raising,like god’s all training in front of us.my baby and his mother slept very sound and snored.when the challenges from the room of the kid sister woke my baby up,my baby kissed me when he was held to urine and returned to bed and found me with his mother.his mother constantly demanded my leaving,before she slept.my baby then asked my holding him to the room where the kid sister slept and fetched a picture of the son of my kid brother.his mother fetched him and tried to let him sleep with milk.i left when its 8:53 or later.the kid son of the kid sister had been watching tv so far.
i wrote my blog in a nearby cafe near qrrs, but far than starsea.some dubious men lingered around me.they r just barking upon me to try to coward me.god knows who they r and where they will went.i won’t linger in cafe overnight these days now that dog let my downloading problematically.
bye.i love u.near and far.i sometimes besieged by the sense of ur hostility toward me,but i know that’s not real.dog tried all means to separate us but they doomed to fail.i love u,like sunshine,like rain in spring field.kiss u with beer.

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