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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

bright afternoon

after returned to the dorm i wandered awhile then went to the libary of qrrs to borrow some pc magzines.the libarian limited me 2 copy,one copy less than previous,and i took it for granted now that the dogs biting everywhere.they more and more losing all their power to keep peace within china and losing temper not to bite everywhere,that's reasonable.i read one of the magzine in room till almost dinner time.then i listened to radio to refresh.after dinner i wentt to starsea again and again they demand id card,this time with a man likely its boss asked for id card first.i left without a word.they likely hacked my baby's mother's blog again,for its logo again ill working even i checked it well before i left at noon.
nothing special,the long winter awaiting dogs to play around indoor,now that their host can't find anything more meanful.they doomed to focus their poor sights more and more onto pin in dustbin.that's their potential.
bye.i love u as usual.like star in the dry winter nights.kiss u with cool.

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