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Friday, October 27, 2006

pale sunshine afternoon

i spent 2 yuan in the morning and doubting not to haunt here in the night.but my pda hinted me that much reading without thinking will loose mind.so i felt a play on the web can be helpful for me.in the afternoon i went to listening beijing opera practise in workers' palace of qrrs.the chinese gong and drum really doming,it reminds me that traditional chinese old parents can be really harmful to their offsprings.in addition in beijing opera man sing in the role of woman also a strange phenomeno in world opera.a man in disgusting manner did that and left some musicians emptied their seats.i also in the idle to want check my pda for the meaning of vain and void.i did it after the man left and a man in high pitch to sing.after a young woman practised i left after 2 musicains left.i went to the libary of qrrs to borrowed 3 copies of pc magzines.then i went to the newspaper room to read 'chankaoxiaoxi'(world reference digest).the woman libarian insisted on standing near me to do her work,she and a man facing me on the other side of the table let me unconfortable.i read magzines in the dorm till dinner time.there r quite some girls including tall girls let me relived.i attempted to buzz my parents in my hometown but they r absent on the other side of the line.
bye.i love u.kiss u with dry lavendor.i want to do some reading within my google reader.bye.

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