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Friday, October 27, 2006

sunshined as usual.

i got up at 9:25 am.last night i continued to read the works of zhutianwen,a taiwan novelist.her readings to 'A Dream of Red Mansions (hongloumeng) .she is in fact quite far-sighted on society of china and the perspective of china. of course, she didn't think  she can make a reality on her own. in her early years she was under influence of hulancheng, the scholar worked for wnagjingwei, the coworker of japanese authority once in china deeply. his father in faith to christian. i m glad to see and hear another patriot under my family name.
i can surf the internet via a fake name in a farer cafe and let me more or less relief.one of my subscription of google groups discussing china intending adopting real name blog and regard it a backward in web history.i agree with him.china spare no effort to learn after south korea.i don't know much about south koreal but as to real name everywhere its stupid. to cure a unfair society need  deeper insight to its structure but not with a expediance.chinese media always boast the inconvinience of new trival social
bubbles to urge mindless chinese people (they can't be mindless now that all around them r filtered messages,faked messages) hand in more supervision to the hand of authority,esp, cops. i think its lazy and intended by power interest group.i hated it.democracy demand liberal minds.sound mind must to be independent.
bye.i love u.kiss u with my warmth in love with u.

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