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Monday, October 23, 2006

milk morning sunshine

i got up at 8:22 am.last night i dreamed a lot and being probed a lot.penetrating eyes let me open my eyes in dark for sometimes.i dream i with my wife living on the highest floor,our reef, like my old house in my hometown,covered by tile,leaking all over a lot of rain to our house,wet our bed and floor.a team of drain worker repaired in the neighbor house.i let my wife to leave to eat something first.when i attempt to leave,the team enter my house from window.so l wait to let them repair.then my old father appeared in my home.my wife seemed not happy with him.then i played glass ball with some kids of my hometown and won them three 2 times.a young doctor of my hometown named zhuhongshu(grand technology) chatted with me and let me have some medicine to assist my recovery.my mother also in the dream,but i now forget what she did.most vivid was the rain pouring from the reef to our home,to our bed and floor.my baby seemingly also in the dream weak and let my wife burning and me sorry.when i woke up i felt i had to write it down on my blog.and i m eager to urine.
so its a working day.i probablely will go over to see if my baby's mother's adsl working.last night i read awhile 'be friend with god' and really relieved by god's grace and open love.i felt its the process of breaking barrier.i look forward to my living with soul and freedom.
bye.i love u.kiss u.

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