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Saturday, October 28, 2006

another pale sunshine,cool but bright

i got up at 8:25 am and headed to my baby's mother's home
immediately.my baby's mother was said going to have her self-test exam
for secondary bachelor majoring chinese literature.my baby received me
near the door and refused my attempting to kiss his leg.i held him to
let him play what he liked,usually homehold materails or cooking
utilities.the old woman had some complains about my baby messing her
works.near 11 his mother returned.she want to go to shower for she
missed it last week for too busy.but our baby just refused to sleep.so
we ate lunch.his mother then went to shower.just when his mother
complained my kicking little thing to make cracks to let my baby agile
, my baby felt to sleep on my shoulders.so she left and i started to
play with her notebook on the internet.the dogs heavily hacked me and
i had to suffer a lot of time waiting for the pc and the net to
response.later the son of my baby's mother's aunt arrived and i
started to gave up net and played with my baby.at 3:00 pm i held him
outside to wait his mother return.my baby directed me to enter his
mother's school even the door was locked.but 2 cars leaving and let us
enter by the way.my baby kicked a lot of dusts on the sport yard and
felt happy.soon his mother found us and we left.then i went to
bath.after returning i started to fix his mother's heavily infected
notebook.i ate dinner there.and now i m here.
dog's hamper me to download google free software pack now.in my baby's
mother's home they also block my downloading norton av included in the
pack.witht the installed part of the pack 160 more infected files
bye.i need some time to read my google homepage.i love u.kiss u with bright.

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