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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

a straight sunny day.

after posted here in the morning i went to renew my borrowed pc
magzines.i boroowed a copy of pc magzine and 2 econoic management
magzines.then i went to see my baby.on the way near the kfc store i
bought him 2 fried chiken legs,for i want to present him a
surprise.they costed me 15 yuan.my baby in the arms of the kid sister
who is watching cop soup.my baby started to eat the chicken
happily.but he didn't eat much,for he and me all suffered thirsty
after shitting waterily.today i shitted 6 or 7 times waterily.i ate
less but felt thirsty constantly.my baby's mother refuted my suggetion
to shot outside,blaming the snow was cleaned.she suggested shot indoor
but i didn't act upon and just played with our baby together in
bedroom while the kid sister (her aunt)cleaning dishes in waiting
room.i felt the kid sister at a loss in her attempt to build a closer
intimacy with my baby than mine,so i suggested my leaving and my wife
admitted.my baby asked me to hold him to the corridor but his mother
urgent to leave so she let him played with the doorring and let me
after returned to the dorm i read awhile magzine then dozed on
bed.till 4 pm i woke up in the dark.i farted a lot in the mid.being
sick now distracted me from ill wills around which had troubled me so
much so far.i know god putting us into a new training course now and i
look forward to it.
the snow was the thickest among the 3 snows in this winter,even
so,workers let it clueless on the road and obvious open space.so i
admire now the heavily snow recently haunted the western america,via
tv reports i seeing its beauty and mighty.
bye.i love u.in this cool early winter.kiss u with snow white.

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