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Friday, December 15, 2006

sunny afternoon

at noon i got what i wanted for some time but were blocked so long: the lyric of 'beiguozhichun(spring of north country) and zoundery blogwriter.after i got them dog gave up blocks to www.goolge.com and proxies.i even surfed the www.zoundery.com which was blocked for several days even its appeared in the results of various searching engine.what can i comment all about it?

after posted here at noon i meandered awhile in the sunshine then went to renew my magzines borrowed from qrrs.but the libray was locked.i went to the newspaper room to read.the librarains put some of them on for a show and soon i heared rehearsal in the stadium.a worker behind the glass wall pretending sleeping on the table kept dirty onto me,but i finished reading to 'world reference digest' in time.the president of iran claim israel wouldn't exist in the future,american finance ministry to visit china and world ,esp former high ranks of german praised china a lot and look upon china's continuous rapid growth driving world growth.that's skepticism and opportunism.old europe long time used to be gambling on both sides.that's why they ignited the 2 world wars and they tended to seduce the third one.us had trouble to calm down momies' cries for their lost sons,even the sons died worthily,and let the world retreat to accept its bitter and bitter output.that's the failure of insanity of tribe cognation via uncontroled immigrate.

returned to the dorm i roamed in the room for about an hour,leting the radio on.at diiner i was offered 3 or 4 picecs of meat and i enjoyed my meal.after dinner i buzzed my hometown and want to talked to my grand father but my mother told me i needn't talked to him,who had been on bed for several days,for he is too old.i felt a little bit hostility in the tone of my mother.

that's my day today.boring and trifle.but i counted it for our bright future,like cat bite his paws in unrefrained thirt.

bye.i love u.near and far.kiss u with tear and bear.

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