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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

white morning after snow

its just to auspicious,so propitious.after uncovered the curtain i was totally in a bewildering joy.god presents his favor to my asked.i woke up early and turned on radio on 7:13 am.i got up at 7:29 am.last night i waited in wondering after 0:07 am.i first time in near 3 months to have a fresh breakfast in the canteen.then i shitted,partly waterily.then i stamped all my food steps on the snow on the volleyball yard till full covered it.i will likely go to see my baby at noon.last night when i parted with my baby i felt sorry and said to him i couldn't see him tomorrow and he asked him to held him into the corridor and played ball with lots of laughs in his mother's arms.now god accomplished me by letting me surprised by another chance to be with my baby.in fact,hard time in animosity let us more banded.i love him so much.no matter how his mother's relatives envious on it,nothing can distract my love and holiness onto him.
last night i spent 2.5 yuan here.a dog near me likely a cop,hacked me heavily before i ready to finish my work.it again let the ie responded very slowly and let some bottom of pages ill working and links redirected.i just doubting how they can delayed my pages requests so long and delayed the arriving pages tentatively.i guess that's all what they can do now,to mess up,to shit around.
bye.i love u.kiss u with this holy bright white.love u in chill.

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