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Sunday, December 10, 2006

sunny day

last night i read till 1:13 am.dog in the cafe farer than starsea let me dogtired after returned to the dorm.i even felt dozy after read awhile 'thinking on the web' but gradually i became agile and stayed lately.in the dawn i dreamed i walked in my hometown and passed by a woman carrying shits as futilizer and was stained by shits and felt anger.then i went to a countryfolk's home whose husband was a cardre of ccp to ask for the skate the wife promised to my baby free of charge.but the wife sneered at us and i got blank hands.on the way to see my baby,i felt gloomy.after i arrived my baby in the arms of the kid sister of his mother's mother.she avoided me when my baby asked for my caress.the grandmom busy in the lavatory.soon i started restored old picture of my baby from our backup cds and moved to my udisk intending to shift to google web albums.my baby asked for my cares.i let him drink milk against the kid sister's warn that he suffer watery shit.the liu left in the dawn for his hometown to find himself wife,i heard this later by the kid son of the sister.my felt sleepy but can't fall into sleep so he coutched on my head and was induced to vomit.he vomitted several times.the grandmom fetched a towl to map the floor and let me aside while my head full of dirty.
after my baby's mother returned i started again to the unfinished work to move my baby's shot onto udisk.we couples later to have lunch.on the table i introduced my work last night lately to add all my family members' google web album into each favorite.i also designed a logo for my google group in memory of my hometown at hubei prov.,centual china,at noon there at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/zhudajiu .the logo at http://zhudajiu.googlegroups.com/web/zhudajiulogoani.gif .welcome ur comments.i also changed her google groups' icons.she admitted my works.the sister listened aside.the kid son of the kid sister also there.after i finished my shower in the public bathroom i cared my baby to play while the sisters left to shower.soon the kid sister of my baby's mother arrived.my baby now open to show his kindness to newcomers and he leaned onto the kid sister and the kid son for sometimes,let all of us glad.his mother went out to buy some dishes and we,all young persons,ate our dinner.the atmosphere gradually turned unfavorable and the kid sister of my baby's mother locked herself sleeping on our bedroom.the kid son and a little boy of my baby's mother's colleague's son,just arrived there to be tutored,both slept on the floor while i sang loudly with my baby on my shoulders.my baby later turned boring.i know energies got conflict.so i soon left.my baby waved to me.the sisters of my baby's mother yet didn't returned from bathroom.
that's our happy day today.i still felt laughable on the way home,reviewing 3 laid themselves down around us.my spirit was considerablely promoted comparing that when i left the dorm.
bye.i love u.like morning star and sunset.kiss u with quice.

btw,last post there is a line 'for the reception girl at starsea dispised me by the excuse of no charges,i haunted a farer cafe and was told its fee lowered to 1 yuan
an hour again.'here 'charges' should be 'changes'.

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