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Saturday, December 16, 2006

slightly snowed last night,full sunny day

last night i roamed in the room for quite some time.after finding neighbors hacking on my mind i let the door open and continued to strode.then quite some guys leaving, passing the tv room facing my room and picked their heads into the tv room around 10 pm.i stayed wondering till 11:30 pm when i started to read 'thinking on the web' and rested on 0:01 am.dog let me almost lost sleep but finally i fell into sleep.i got up at 9:17 am.before i uncovered the curtain i suddenly sensed it might snowed,and after seeing the sunshine from the window i saw slight snow on the ground.what can i complain about?god let me know i only need do what i liked and responded and left rubbishes all aside to be cleaned by the superpower.

when i arrived the grandmom there already.my baby walking on the waiting room.after i uncoated he approached me and soon i cared him playing with tea pot and tea cups of his mother's,as the presents from her once students.he broke 3 tea cups.we ate pine nuts.he received the nuts i broke for him but later spitted it out and i ate them instead.we left the home for his mother after 11 am and i sang loudly qianbaihui's 'cafee cafe' along the road for hundred times while my baby slept on my shoulders outside of the school in sunshine.when the students leaving some of them shouted and let my baby wake up.we entered the school to receive his mother.after lunch the old sisteres left to buy winter clothes for theirselves while i backup logos i designed to my pda.my baby's mother urged me speedy to hold our baby to have vaccined.she left in advance to fetch the log book she left in her office.my baby in the way asked me to buy him an icecream.when we met his mother she got annoyed and demanded my leaving.i left but in half way returned to the hospital for i think that's better.my baby cried shortly,but on the way home he seemed crabbed and cried a lot.after getting home his mother again abused me and demanded my leaving.i retorted to let her be well poised.then i started to back my blog to my pda while my baby sent to sleep after milked with his mother.when i left to shower in public bathroom,my baby woke up and i saw him awhile while his mother milked him.when i returned to the home the old sister started to cook.a girl student tutored by my baby's mother leaving.my baby tightly in his mother's arms.i drank a tin of bear.his mother busy with tutoring the kid son of her aunt and a boy of her colleague.after dinner i waited awhile while the old sisters urged my baby played with me while his mother eating.for them time is ripe to seperate my baby from me and set my baby under their affiliation.when i left my baby didn't see my leaving against the old sisters urging,with his back to the door.

its a nice day after all.i likely had to spend more money on the canteen,and likely had to hold a more tightened budget on the web.maybe that's the dog's plot.last night they close conbatted with me.they let my gmail via http error-prone,and i switched to https of gmail,adopting secure channel of http against surveilance my gmail content.then they cut off gmail connection,let both http and https of gmail inaccessible.then i google proxy list and tired 3 or 4 proxies,some proxy tunnel displaying arriving contents of my gmail then being cut off.they domineering to its brutalest.then when i logout my google services and all went losing response.then i reset the pc and left.dog just need a way,no matter how tiny or trifle,no matter how shabby and barely,to conpensate their losing and failing feelings to proof their inferior.

bye.i love u.in tear and in seal.kiss u with ties.

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