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Sunday, October 15, 2006

a busy day with google in bright day.

in the morning i register my baby another goole account and left the cafe near 12 am.when i arrived my baby's mother's home they r having lunch,including the old woman and her mother.i ate with them.after lunch my baby's mother suggested my bringing baby sunshine outside.he lingered before a bike repairer's stall and refused to leave and asked for some thing i don't know.so i let him leave.near the fried chieken shop a tall girl with marvelous figure attracted us and we stayed there till her left.then i complained it to my baby,saying i don't know how to deal with such a good thing.my baby then asked for ice stick and a bag of fried shrimp and a bottle of water.we headed to the south garden where we first met 2 little girl,one of them with a pair of large bright eyes.i let them play my pda but my baby loathed to let them play.a strong man near blow piccolo.we played around him awhile.then my baby played with dirty water in the shallow of ground lamps,he even put his finger stained with the dirty water into my mouth.another tall young mother haunted around.in the only conversation i praised her figure but she didn't repliy.we pick the path through sportsyard to return.the cops team trained there .
after returned i went to shower.then i played awhile pc.with the cool stool and biting dogs around my bottock painful when i left.i ate dinner in the canteen and let the female administrator watch my baby's photos on my pda as i promised her.
more than an hour spent on customise my baby's mother's group.
bye.i felt quite placated with my works.kiss u.

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