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Thursday, October 19, 2006

morning sunshine like lamb

i got up at 8:29 am.last night i slept a little bit late,for trying wallop let the pc in the cafe hanged some times and let me stayed there.after i returned to the dorm its already 11:00 pm.in the morning after i got up i headed to visit my baby.i lingered in the cafe near my baby's mother's home an hour to adding visiting counter to her blogger .my baby received me near the door.he immediately asked for haunting outside.we wandered outside for half and an hour till seeing his mother returning.we played in the south garden where he chased after yellow leaves on the ground.a tall young mother led her boy and playing hide-and-see and attacted my baby awhile,but he soon immersed in his own play.in the grocer near his mother's school,i teased the daughter a lot and she kicked me.she can't do anything other to show her failure.after returned i busy to test building a mobile office on udisk with taango but daunted by registering online.my baby soon slept after being breast.his mother shown her anger with me for i didn't eat lunch on time.in the mid i left home to download some soft in need and being bited heavily in the cafe.after i return the old woman asked for leave to buy grocery and my baby miserablely cried for my caress when i attempted to finish my work on pc.finally i gave up and held my baby out.we peeked the large house with tree yard and sorrounded by brick wall from the gate door hole and let my baby sat on the wall standing on a bench near the wall.my baby very glad to sat on the wall and loath to left.i bought him a ball candy in the garden grocer and returned.i tried to play with him before my leaving.he felt and played with me for some time.i let him playing on the balcony and let the old woman seeing him and i left in silence.i don't know if he will cry when he found my absence.on the way the feeling let me low.
after dinner i checked my spb finance on my pda.the passed 3 month in dorm i overran my budget less than 100 yuan monthly.my salary card left 100 yuan or more.that's all my cash at hand for my living.last month i spent 80 yuan or more on internet but the half of this month i had spent 120 and more yaun on it.
bye.i likely timed out.kiss u with tears from heaven.i love u,near and far.

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