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Friday, October 20, 2006

faint sunshine in the morning.

i woke up at 8:23 am and got up at 10:33 am.i dreamed a lot in dawn.i dreamed of qrrs,the work place i once worked and its dorm i now lived in,busy with decorating floats preparing for some gatherings.i dreamed my dream was broke by the visiting of my roommate seldom returned.i saw a rat in my dream.i got up and turning my radio and its was a boring program titled net music bar,but in fact its show of 2 woman who can manipultae their voice to mimic differet accents,most of their mimic just the ugly reality of nowaday china or the northeast china: cliech,violence,distorted sex or love.this morning they quote a news reporting a male collegian mimic Marilyn Menroe with nuked and posted in bbs.they mimic boring news reporter in the guise of authority and illwilled peeking eyes.that just mirror the surrounding dark souls around me,like neighbors in the dorm and in the cafe.i doubting my restraining to curb my expenditure on internet and till felt better to shift myself into the sunshine outside.i rambled awhile in the opening along the main street u left in sunshine outside of the starsea cafe till i felt eager to see my webcam.
bye.i m timed out.i love u.kiss u.


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