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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a full sunny day.

i woke up at 8:03 am and headed to my baby's mother's home immediately.i strived to constrain my desire to surf the web and seeing my baby first.when i arrived,my baby sleeping.i slept aside him on the bedroom till he woke up.he cried awhile after woke up then started to play on his own under my attendance.when its 10:30 am i held him outside to receive his mother's return from her school.we picked the path to the sportsyard first and there a large crowd of students or worker of surveying and drawing working there.my baby played and slided to one of their team but was blocked temperarily by a tall strong man but later we passed it by.then i held my baby pay the rest room of old cadres near the sportsyard.there r 3 rooms within.a room for reading magzines and newspapers.the middle room for the administration,the side room near the yard for chess and card playing.in the chess room an old man likely the worker stopped our dwelling.then we passed the old large house of the highest cadre of the area and bought my baby a bag of peanuts and a bottle of water.on the way to south garden my baby picked to play slding board in a residentail zone.the south garden swarmed with aged people,the fountain was dried and covered with tent and my baby walked on the tightened tent.then i bought him an ice stick in the garden grocery shop.we ate the stick till in the school of his mother.quite some students trained there,likely grade one students.they recently frequently trained there in the afternoon.when my baby step onto the sports yard they retreated to the concrete ball sports yard.we played for quite some time.when we attempted to leave,his mother catched up us and let my baby make water.then she pushed us leaving.my baby cried for her milk and cired till felt into sleep at home after near half of an hour.i held him sleeping for almost an hour and lately shift to the old woman to lay him on the bed and i started to copy some home video to udisk for uploading to my web account.i ate dinner there.
thats our happy day.i felt quite complacent.
the cops demanded to register id number onto the paper sheet in the cafe from today.really shitting.they worthless to be cursed.they fouled the all country till their bankrupt and collapse.every sound person liked to see the day.and quite some website can't accessed.shits everywhere and the world in china likes a dustbin.
bye.i love u.kiss u with tears for the downfall of chinese.
by the way the picture on my homepage of google from nasa really wonderful.so i linked it here.

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