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Monday, October 16, 2006

sunshines sometimes in the afternoon

i spent 3 hours in the afternoon in the cafe.first 2 customized my homepage soon after lunch.latter spent on trying google's bookmarks and posting via email.in the mid i stayed in the dorm awhile and observing the flashing sunshine.then i went to qrrs' libary to borrow some computer magzines.the gatekeepers in cop's uniform checked my staff id carefully.later the librarian told me some team visisted here.returned to the dorm i skimed awhile but seemed not so attractive as the web.at noon i can't help my gladness to buzz my baby's mother on her feeling on her blog i set for her.but she told me she unavailable in the morning.these days i definitely spent too time on web than what i can afford.but i think its my investment,my investment on google and my virtual presence in cyberspace.i m of no regret.i hope i can stay and enjoy the nest i prepared on google for myself aftermath.wilder animals,landscapes,news,music,stuffed my homepage,awaiting my eyesighting.
i m likely to time out.kiss u.i love u with peace.bye.

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