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Monday, October 16, 2006

rainning morning

however its late autumn.the rain likely foretell the arrival of winter.i woke up at 9:03 am and got up at 9:33 am.last night dogs bited lately and i determined to let them barking.i don't know when i slept, but i remember later dream.i brought a magzine with me with our alumni to visit peking unv.,there i lost my team and toddled alone.i then took a minibus and asked a woman taker who to get peking unv.,she let me get of the bus right the stop in a haste.then i was in a crowd siheyuan and some old women told me to crawl on the zigzag narrow tunnel to outlet,for the mordern buildings occupied most of the open space and main road,shortcuts left in narrow tunnels.heard this when i crawling and climbing the narrow steep path to opening,i gave up and woke up.after woke up i found bogs still biting.i started to clip feet nails then.the rain let me relieved and cosy now in the cafe.rain let people trenched and find their own being and peace.
bye.i need customize my homepage now.kiss u with dew,like the rain in dawn.i love u.

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