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Friday, October 20, 2006

sunny day.

after lunch i haunted the newspaper room of qrrs.an old man sat aside me leaned to me,leting me disgusted.but i kept on reading.i read pictorial magzines.after i finished reading and head outside to refresh,an old man followed me,probably the same man of the reading room.seems qrrs or qiqihar can't grow anything beside this kind of shits.i looked at the surface of the lake or pool in front of qrrs.the water is shollow,and i know the dusts grows quick,for my room took days to have to be moped.the factory generated a lot of black dusts.then i returned to the dorm.some machines gathered in the dorm yard breaking the concrete ground.i started to charge my pda.i listened my radio lately.
dogs in the cafe rampant and started to bite me as soon as i settled.now they deceded.but im likely timed out.today i intended to spent 2 yuan on internet.
bye.kiss u with warmth.i love u.

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