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Saturday, December 23, 2006

bright sunny day

yesterday i spent 10 hours in the cafe about 2 miles away from the dorm,costing me 14.5 yuan,to try to find a solution to post my blog to wordpress ,livejournal and blogger without login to its host repectively.near the last 2 hours before i left i find the right solution,with a firefox plugin entitled 'performanceing',which has only a loveable size of 100 more kb, i found its satisfying my need better than lots of larger client executeables.i really sensed the power of open source softwares.when i left its already near 6 pm so i directly headed to my baby's mother's home to have dinner.i stayed there lately to 9 pm,for the kid sister and her son locked themselves in the room challenged my baby and he liked to haunt there and can't find interesting things around in the house.after returned and washed my feet,i felt i can adding an hour to finished my backup more excellent.so i visited starsea again and found there even bankrupt and dog pested. on first pc the spyware let my working window shut each time when i typed 'd'.after tried varable ways i gave up and changed a pc,and its os ran 3 or 4 minutes yet to open its interface.after i changed another pc i waited its working and found its mouse very tricky and surfing very slow.so i didn't finish my due works and left.then i switched to another cafe nearby,it first let my downloading of my backup at google failed,with broken file after download finished.and download software was rid from the system while normally cafe pc usually equipped with this kind of soft.then i tried another backup and i started to work in my settled browser.all proxies were blocked.so i gave up due expectation to my task.when my time near out,a cop in uniform approached a man on the front seat of mine and chatted with him.the monitor of the pc started to abnormal.i can envision that dog were assigned each domain and supervised their territory to banish me.
returned to the dorm,i read and wondered after 1 am.i got up after 9 am.i likely dreamed of some ulcer on the heel of my right foot.when i arrived my baby's grandmom there busy.my baby welcomed me at once.then he played with various matters on my shoulders.he also ate the candy i bought him last time.we went to receive his mother before 11 am.when i saw 2 little girls entered the grocer we haunted frequently in summer we followed in.i chatted with the girls.after we left,the girls also left and my baby directed me following the girls to the sports yard where flock of students skating.the 2 little girls left to play seesaw.we followed and chatted with them.they said they will have christmas day in their class.a cop car ported outside of the sport yard just near the seesaw.i bought my baby an ice cream as i promised.we entered the yard of the school and lately met his mother.lunch again was vegetables with motton,seldom changed.after lunch my baby was held by his mother to shop outside and i went to a nearby cafe to polish my backup of my working browser,as well as another blog synchoron in memory of my grand father at http://faezrland.wordpress.com .i spent 3 hours there and charged 3 yuan.so cafes near the dorm charging more likely just cop's plot to cost me more on web.the cafe i spent 14.5 yuan yesterday also charged 1.5 yuan an hour but their monitor was 19inch lcd.after surfing i went to shower and haircut.when i almost finished my shower in the public bathroom a cop in nuke bathed himself just aside me,even there r quite some empty berth.i so changed a seat to avoid dirty and threat.when i arrived home the grandmom returned from her office and again visited.my baby now started to babble a lot at dinner table and let us all glad.after dinner we couple spent some time played with our baby while the kid sister slept on the bed and her kid son did homework awhile then watched tv theatre on the three kingdoms in chinese history.my baby's mother started to paste pictures of chinese traditional poems and cartoons and animal's pictures onto the wall.my baby played with standing on the box of my pda with a lot of joyes.he frequently haunted the kid son of the kid sister and interrupted his learning or pretending to learn leaning on the bed along his mother.we later entered our bedroom and our baby played with the stick of his cradle for support the mosquito-curtain.i left after 8:30 pm.a cop car waiting on the ground near the home of my baby's mother.and on the way i ported the cafe i bought a member card.dog here aside me threaten me and let me back painful.many proxies blocked.
bye.that's my happy day today.i love u with even more eagerness.kiss u with blitter.

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