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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

a sunny cool day again

last night after posted in the cafe and returned to the dorm i suddenly felt i should spare no effort to return to my hometown to attend my grand father's funeral ceremony.i buzzed my baby's mother but no one there.so i went over by bike and found the line misworked.then i surfed,trying to find if air travel available now that i had only a day ahead to catch up the ceremony.dog blocked heavily and infected my pc.i finally decided not to return when i power down the pc.when i buzzed my hometown again after returned to the dorm i was told that my grand father was already turned into ashes by fire,as demanded by the local rule.its already after 11 pm when i settled in the dorm,i read awhile my blog on my pda.when its 0:03 am i laid my pda aside and prepared to rest.i went to bed at about 0:37 am.i slept sound and when i looked at the clock its already 7:46 am and i got up at 8:06 am.when i arrived my baby walking in the waiting room while the kid sister watching tv.my baby almost didn't left my arms or shoulders in the day.i sang a lot,esp. 'beiguozhichun' and its my first time recently years i recite fully its lyric with the aid of my pda.my baby slept for about half of an hour in the morning.we ate an ice cream when waiting for his mother leaving her school.at noon i felt cold and dozed awhile while his mother cared him.after his mother left my baby cried for me and refused the kid sister who tried to calmed him down.so i got up caring him.we wandered peacefully some time but when i kissed his ear he cried.i told myself he was crying instead of me for my grand father,his granddad.since senior middle school i startled to cry after captured by bookstore worker for i tried to steal a chinese martial book to enrich my collection of chinese qigong(practise of breathing) and wushu(martial),i seemingly cried seldom,except when i broke my heart for girl fang(square),in my second being mad i cried for my ancestor and my profound blood background.and except my third time being mad i cried for i can't protect my baby son against evil.my baby son this time cried instead of me and reward me,in my view.after i got know his mother due for night class i decided to hold my baby haunted once outside before receiving his mother,for i found my baby now lacks of his favorite candy.we visited shenlong (cult dragon) supermarket where i bought him jelly,milk candy,sausage,sunflower seeds.and on the way he asked me to buy him some dates.he enjoyed them very much,even the saleswomen let me sensed my humble financial situation.i never seeing my baby so placated when i fed him with sunflower seeds.he tapped his feet on the floor while sat on the plastic mat.i love him so much.with my god of my grand father watching me now from the heaven,i love him solely as i devoted to my god.after we went to received his mother at 6 pm he got unconfortable on the way near our building then slept on my shoulders till his mother lately fetched us.his mother again blamed my letting him sleep in the cold and started to milked him.when the kid sister urged to have dinner,i ate first and found the atmosphere dirty,likely her son challenged me.i don't why where went wrong while i chatted with him actively.after dinner i prepared some sample of the food i bought for my baby,intending to lay them in my dorm room for sacrifice to my grand father who has the last night bodily in our home in my hometown,but my baby refused to let me fetch.so i told his mother i needn't any more,for her home is exactly my home.i left with blank hand and blank heart for my grand father.

dog desperate for death challenge now.last night they block my upload for quite some time,and this time they let my downloading my backup of my firefox and blogwriter on my googlepages failed for several times.last night rotten rat rabbled constantly in neighbor room exactly till i went to bed.dog now again block my uploading my backup to my google account.they just want to see sooner their death.

bye.i love u.kiss u with tear.

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