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Sunday, December 17, 2006

sunny lasted all day.

the cafe i posted at noon told me i had to pay 4 yuan even i spent 2
more hours there,for the price of its service increased to 1.5 yuan an
hour.so i now in a even farer cafe in whose first time service to me i
found lyric of 'beiguozhichun' via www.altavista.com some days ago.its
price now still 1 yuan an hour,which let me at a relief.maybe dog now
attempting to hinder my time on web,finding how i enjoyed and made
real usage of the web.
today its turned a bit colder,with which i first time felt cold and
even sore in my leg bone.when i returned to the dorm the sunshine over
the wall of the building,not letting me enjoyed it possible.however,i
jogged in the morning just before lunch time.i spent the rest of the
afternoon on bed listening the radio.i have not too much to review,so
i can't name out what in my review.when its dark outside i started to
walked in the room and rotten rat nearby started to bite
heavily,letting me open the door to wash it.dinner was enough,the
female administrator made a complain by claiming i had 4 dishes.but
the customers was few even its on time for dinner,ie.,5 pm.i finished
it without any remnant.
its likely a peaceful day,even changes inevitable will be launched by
dog,in god's view.i hope i can see u sooner.yesterday my baby's mother
told me my second elder sister buzzed there to let me see my grand
father,saying he was ill.i didn't believe,for i think my dad knowing
my struggle,knowing the process i moulding our kingdom as he
envised.and in addition when i buzzed my hometown the same day my
mother didn't told me that,even she unhappy with me.i love my
hometown,the mountains,the lake,the stream,the rock,the soil,the air
and the sunshine.i love the bushes,as well as the rice fields.that
exactly liked the poem i read last night,'Paradise Lost' of John
Milton.i missed the south,but the north here i worked so long is also
the lost paradise of my kingdom,with which i to recover and to
recliam.i believe my father knowing me.
bye.i love u.like picnic in summer sunset.like sunbath on the beach.i
need u to rest,like a long time journey to pass the triumph message,as
a herald.i need ur thick hairs to cover my drought nose,to forget the
chore and bearings.kiss u with light.

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