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Sunday, December 17, 2006

bright sun in pale blue sky

last night i wonered in room till 11 pm.then i picked <thinking on the web> and till 1:02 i laid it aside.the ambient let me know my works reevaluated and tired to capture me with contentment.that let my reading in low speed.when i went to urine before going to bed,the tv room was shut and the corridor was all empty.i fell into sleep smoothly.i got up at 10:28 am and reviewed a couples each after a broken marriage with a girl and a boy respectively,trying to offer restaurant service just near the dorm when its not organized into qrrs' dorm zone and there r lots of single flat house among the buildings of qrrs 2 dorms.they r so poor when their restaurant near its close,only left me and another guy haunted there frequently.quite some persons have nothing in the world,but they need something to busy to be fed and play in the running process in the world.i don't know what they now made a living,and i don't know how many people suffered the killing winter now,the media seldom now reports bare poverity,and i don't think the gov. can manage to feed chinese people when the spotlight focused onto the wellbings earning bucks,seemed honest earnings comparing with the american,and the shitting babble around the world of the head.

this time i likely spent a lot after i tried my account at http://benzillar.stumbleupon.com and adding www.pcmag.com to my google personal homepage.

bye.i love u.kiss u with fear.

btw,in the post titled 'sunny afternoon ' posted Dec. Friday, 15 there is a line 'that's the failure of insanity of tribe cognation via uncontroled immigrate.' where 'cognation' should be 'amalgamation'.and in a recent post i refered Nash as an physical scientist but he in fact an economics scientist.

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