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Thursday, December 21, 2006

warming sun,crisp fog in the morning air

last night before coming here again to upload my backup of firefox with plugins and blogwriter to my google after 8 pm i buzzed my baby's mother and she allowed me to visit my baby today.my baby also loudly accquainted me in the phone.for my grand father manifest himself in my dream vividly last night his first night in earth and on heaven,i so came here to write it down before i went to see my baby.last night i read 'thinking on the web' till 0:01 am.the ambient let me know i was highly evaluated and bubbled a lot of joy in the background.i slept with conpact dreams.i dreamed first the couple whose wife was a fateteller,a woman smokes and seldom chore in family name mao,and whose husband with first name chunsheng(born in spring) and family name likely of zhu,for our village all of zhus'.they commented on my charactor and i contended that i m competitive.my dad,in his late life be close friend of the mao before she passed after her husband left in advance,watched aside complaisantly.then i dreamed i was,or the guy in dream's focus was,the 3rd prince of east sea king in chinese,or the 3 son of sea god in western.a daughter of dragon,longnv in chinese,loved the guy or me and tried to follow him or me but the protagonist didn't admit.then my dad fired some wood to warm us and let us feeding fishes.later we fried fishes to eat,with some white people.an even longer dream of that evaded me after i trying to memory the dream after i woke up.i got up at 9:37 am.

its a nice morning.the sun was mild and kindling.the road was left with some white dust,likely frost or light snow.the air is crisp and moist.my heart was full of freshing spirit of holy.

bye.i love u.kiss u with bear.

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