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Monday, December 18, 2006

bright sunshine in the morning

last night i started to read 'thinking on the web' earlier after watching my baby's 2 photos i bought with me.i rested on 0:17 am and hadn't any problem to fall into sleep.i woke up after 7 am but got up lately after 10:29 am.then i went to the tree yard to sunbath.its cool while refreshing.a man with his doggie wandering around me and the man kept striking his foot.after i strode for an of hour some girls returned to their dorm from the door toward the qrrs hospital,likely for they r doctors or doctors in practise there.they went directly to a pub to have lunch.then i know why the canteen sees few customers recently and why the admini;strators a bit hostile to me.maybe my presence hurts somebody,but i had no weakness in the following god.

after lunch my baby's mother buzzed in and told me my kid sister and his wife buzzed her to let me know my grand father being on bed for some time.i again disblieved.but she said the wife of my kid sister told her my dad fell onto the bed even before she left qiqihar.i told her several days ago i buzed my mother and she told me my dad was well,and on bed for several days for its cold.storms may brewing.but with my father,my god,i had nothing to bother.

i enjoyed this cafe so far.its speedy,even dog definitely monitored me now.and os let autocomplete function working as normal,unlike in the 3 cafes near the dorm zone all disabled it to let me type more.

bye.i love u.kiss u with brim.

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