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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

pale sunshine in pale cloud sea

last night i read my blog on my pda after 0 am.i reviewed my elder sister told me my dad refused to eat several days before he left.at the same time i and my baby shitted waterily.this morning i got up 11:36 am.when i arrived the canteen there herds of qrrser there eating.the female administartor again complained offering my 4 dishes and suggested i should hand in 4 yuan to pay.i again ditched the dirty dish of belly manually.after lunch i woundering if i should buzzed my hometown there likely holding ceremony to let my grand father bodily slept in earth.but i finally didn't buzz but come here instead.my father in the heaven knows my silence and my stubborn.

www.33367.com , where i got some ebooks,now was blocked from me after i refered it in my blog.dog busy with hunting and enjoyed it totally,till its death.the world had to get rid of it.

bye.in this sole morning i had nothing dear except u can enhence my family.god let me have u.i love u.kiss u with bear.

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