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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

the autumn sunshine lingering.

i woke up at 6:55 am and got up at 7:13 am.last night i felt very hungery and being bited just after i went to bed heavily.i trenched them in the dustbin and i saw it uncovered in the morning in the corridor.its unusual in the passed days in which i got up late after 9:00 am is routine.i also had my breakfast so unusually that the administrator of the canteen claimed didn't seeing me for some time.then i went to the starsea cafe but most of it was cleaning and the clerks loathed to receive customers.what i can say is that dogs always bankrupt quality of service.then i picked my bike and heading here,a cafe entitled 'information supermarket',near my baby's mother's home.i had beeing trying google's video service and registered an account in youtube.com which was just claimed by google.i really enjoys the new stuff from the web.
bye.i m to see my baby.his mother asked me not to come yesterday but i think now that the weather so nice and so precious i should come with my baby.i love u,without any reservation.kiss u with budding.

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