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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

sunny day

i let my baby played with water awhile indoor and felt the animosity of the old woman.at 11:00 am i brought my baby out to receive his mother.but he disliked the way to the school and we truned to the sports yard where some students likely from a school of survey and draw.they appeared yesterday.i chatted with a tall girl among them.they had 2 girl both tall.i also peeked the telescope.but my baby strongly refused to see through it.there r 2 aged playing roll(tuoluo).when we approached them a large black dog with its woman host passed over.my baby insisted to follow the dog but they entered a room aside the yard.when i again want to see clear the another tall girl of the school my baby refused and i also felt the hostility from the body.then we played swing near the basket ball yard where the school settled.my baby started to be irregular and they let him fall down with a long stick my baby picked from ground in his hand ,but my baby kept intact.then we left and after passed the narrow door in the steel grid seperating the yard from the residential building when i attempted to tighten my belt,my baby itched and fell topdown onto my back and i catched him with only a hand onto his only leg on my shoulder.that can be said the most dangerous situation i ever encountered when i broght my baby outside.my baby usually sat well on my neck with his hands touching me.so no doubt the sorrounding hostile beasts irritated him.i looked back but can't assure who threatened.my baby cried awhile and insisted returning through the door in the grid to the sportsyard and left the yard through its far side rolling door.i bought him a bag of candy in the grocer within the garden and missed his mother who left in advance.when we stood inside the door of the school,her mother returned from home and obviously angery.she demanded me to leave after lunch and angerer to my claims that dogs pested us.i also felt i'd better rest in the afternoon.so i left.my baby waved to me when i left.that let me more relieved.
on the bed in the dorm i soon felt into sleep,let my soul guarding my baby.dogs today likely crazy.but all what they can do is barking upon the wrong tree.
bye.an hour spent on adding music to my gmail.i love u,in heaven on earth.kiss u with bees and birds.

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