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Sunday, October 08, 2006

first pale winter morning sticks out its head.

the sun can only be seen from open area and unclear without obvious clouds.after seeing it i more or less reliefed for i had thought it a cloudy day when i open my window.i got up at 7:56 am and immediately felt sorry for myself as well as for my baby son.last night i was heavily bited in dorm when i washing my feet and let it sank in hot water aside my bed.when i went out to spilt water,founding a tall pal stood in the door of tv room facing my door.biting dog not only from him but also from neighbor rooms and upstairs.i finished reading to the biography of jixianlin and skim the biography of german chancellor Angela Merkel.when the music from radio finished,i went to sleep.
on the way i doubting if i should see my baby first,but i really miss here the web to miss u,to share with u.and i think with my peace my baby can benefits.so i be here,with u in mind,with the world in front,with god in testimony.
bye.i m to see my baby,after i skimmed the news content i subscribed via google.i love u,in hard time and in soft time.kiss u with pale sky's pearl,the sun.

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