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Friday, October 13, 2006

most of the day gloomy.

i arrived my baby's home after 11:00 am.he was not so eager for my caress.i kiss his leg first as usual.then he asked for haunting outside but i hindered him for its cold outside.then he played with the clock.soon his mother returned.she now seems not so spoilt by my presence.she holding baby to kick me and let my baby laugh a lot.after lunch i boast the convinience of google and suggested to register her an account.she admitted so i intended to leave with her together.but our baby cried upon our leave so i stayed at home to care my baby.later i held my baby outside.we visited the sportsyard,passing the grocery shops my baby didn't ask for juice.we passed a working team busy implimenting fiber wire underground and my baby interested in the hole to the underground.then we entered the south garden and chatted with the woman grocer.i bought my baby a cup of jelly.for the old woman urged not to let my baby eat anything to stain his thick clothings,i let my baby suck the straw instead of his prefered way to drink from the rim of the cup.he walked on the mall on the yellow leave for quite some time and find pleasure.when it started to sunshine weakly i brought him home and left when he cried for my leaving.i went to the nearby cafe to register an google account for his mother and finished all setting within her account.it cost me half and 2 hours.the cafe was almost full,and a cop attempted to sat aside me but i changed a seat immediately.after finished it in the cafe i returned to see if my baby's mother returned but was told she was due to have night lesson and would returned before 7:00 pm.so i wrote to let my baby's mother know the account detail and handed to the old woman.then my baby in sleet woke up and the old woman waved him to continue sleep.i waited he calmed down and left.
in the dorm canteen an female administrator talked about my baby and i attempted to show her my baby's photos but found my pda ran out of battary.but when i took it out of its suitcase it was turned on and showing screen even i didn't powered it.
heavily being bited here.a fat man aside me left half way.
bye.in the passed 2 days the cafe i m in now,starsea,charged me unfairly when i adopted the way to pay when leave.so i changed back to fix hour usage.i love u.kiss u with warm heart.

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