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Monday, October 09, 2006

returns the autumn sunshine

i got up lately after 9:00 am.i waited my pda to charge till 11:33 am.then i headed to my baby's home.the wife and son of my kid brother,who himself had worked in guangdong prov.,southern china for months,scheduled to leave for their reunion tonight.the son left at home while the mother left.after lunch my baby's mother suggested to bring our baby outside.i doubting the son of my brother recently showing rebellion and likely hard to let him follow us so i agreed to leave him home with the old woman.my son's mother left to her school directly and left me with my baby.my baby now quite some times irrelevant to grocers nearby but he insisted haunting one with a steep ladder to its window after passed some grocers.just after i chose a bottle i found i didn't bring money with me for changing suit into working clothes.my baby cried to protest.then we passed again a grocer we haunted a lot except recently.we entered and found the daughter and the woman boss all there.the daughter teased a lot with us but they lent us a bottle of juice.my baby holding the cap in his hand as usual and drank 2 or 3 times.the rest was poured into the fountain of the south garden.we played on the tablet,and the sunshine lured me to shot and i did.most dwellers r aged except a girl with fit jean played with her nephew.i followed her some time and exchanged some words with her.then the disgusting old woman with her grand daughter in family name of liu,harrassed us many times,approached us and talked to us herself,letting me coughed 3 times and spoilt some candy the grocer in the garden lent us.after visiting the sports yard by the way we returned.i then busy with sorting shots but my baby asked for my caress for quite some times and even cried miserabely.the wife of my brother and the grandmom of my baby arrived soon.i then busy with searching for missing sd card of the camera.i konw my baby first played with it but usually he didn't hide it.so i blamed the son of my brother,who replied always 'mela(lost)' upon my asking if he caught sight of it.his mother didn't scorned him but i felt very anger to him.then the mother of my baby returned and got irritated with me as soon as i told the card missing.she kicked me and demanded me leaving.so i left.the kid sister of my baby's mother summoned a banquet before their leaving tonight.
so that our day in the sunshine.i was being bited since my beseat.after all i felt placated with my shottings.my son's mother condamned my publishing my baby's shot but i just can't help doing it.i just felt the pecular and precious of my baby's shot in his infantile.
bye.i love u,not matter how i was spilt by the naughty boy of a woman of the same family name of ur.kiss u with hot.
the Son review the autumn sunshine
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