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Sunday, October 08, 2006

sunshined after we entered the sports yard.

the morning really a bit chill.so after i arrived my baby's mother's home i had to stay at home with him at first.but soon he insisted to outside.i first tried to console him by let him in the corridor of the 7th floor.but he gradully let me holding him outside of the building.i m with a shirt and he also wore thin.we moved to the sports yard and he insisted watching the tennis yard.then i felt we had to eat something to drive coldness away now that he refused my suggestion to back to fetch some clothings.we bought a package of peanuts.i fed him with mouth.then he liked to play the sliding board in a residential area.the a little boy and his father arrived.the boy directly wanted to partake the sliding, my baby then started to shiver and i holding him return quickly.after lunch,we brought our baby outside,his mother went to her school and i tried to capture my baby in the beginning of winter.by the way,today is the winter chill day according to lunar calendar.he let me bought him a bottle of juice and played with the cap immediately.we entered the garden and i started to shot.after shoting we played with the bottle for some time.after we moved to the sports yard he played with sand aside the yard awhile and asked to play with the camera.when we moved to the center of the sports yard it sunshined.i felt glad and shot more pictures onto my baby.then we returned.after the old woman returned from dispatching dustbin,i started to sort photos,with an ear listening my baby's crying upon his sleep the woman urged.i soon after my baby laid on bed sleeping finished my work and left after kissing him in dream.i really love him.
in the dorm i read awhile jixianlin's auatobiography till dinner.then here i dealt with friend invitation within myspace.com.
bye.today my pda quote love message needs rewarmth like oil needed to keep lamp.these days i busy with setting up my google account,and logging my days,i really don't know how i can talk to u,with ur heart in my heart.day by day, the life stream floating us apart and more apart,what i can do in my view is to let u know my life,let u know me,on the contrast to ur refusal to let me know u.i know i m likely burning into smoke,but what the meaning of striving to burn last now that what u interested is sidewatching and rating.
i love u.kiss u with windy bushes sheltering flower garden.
here is the shot of today.
the Son before the winter
Oct 5, 2006 - 12 Photos

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